Jeffrey Chester Allard M.D., J.D.
HOME- 413-324-1032

PERSONAL                 Birth date 4-8-54; place- Woonsocket, R.I.
Married, two children, Good health

 9-68 - 6-71        North Smithfield High School; valedictorian
 9-71 - 5-77        Boston University Six Year Medical Program
A.B. Summa cum laude, M.D. Cum laude
Alpha Omega Alpha 1976 (junior)
Medical school anatomy award
 7-77 - 6-78        Medical internship at Boston City Hospital
 7-84 - 6-88        Diagnostic Radiology residency at Boston University
Board certified - 1989
 7-88 - 6-89        Imaging fellowship Mount Sinai Miami Beach
6 months CT and MRI; 6 months US and NUC MED

6-94 - 7-96        Correspondence law degree (JD)- La Salle University

 6-78 - 6-79        Emergency medicine physician, Brockton Hospital (MA)
 6-79 - 3-80        Emergency medical associates, Boston
 12-79 - 6-84        Private practice in general medicine
State Road, Manomet, MA
Affiliated with Jordan Hospital, Plymouth, MA
special interest- sports medicine
 7-89 - 10/90        Smith, Hendra, Gerson M.D., P.A. [radiology]
Cape Coral Hospital, Cape Coral, FL
Lee Memorial Hospital, Fort Myers, FL

10/90 - 10/91        Chief of Musculoskeletal Radiology.
University of Miami & Jackson Memorial Hospital

10/91-2/02        Florida Keys Radiology- PARTNER 1992-1999 (sold out)
Mariners Hospital (Tavernier)- chief of Radiology (1992-1999)
Fishermans Hospital (Marathon)- 1991-1998

7/94-6/96        Chief of Staff at Mariners Hospital

10/1/1996        Founded Manomednet Inc., President and Director
11/97-12/98        Chief of Staff at Fishermans Hospital

6/96-6/00        Director- Rural Health Network of Monroe County

6/97-6/99        Vice President Florida Keys Healthcare Alliance- PHO

8/98- 2/02        Director of Radiology at Fishermans Hospital Diagnostic Center {MRI, mammo. US, plain films}

3/4/02-now        Chief of Radiology at Wing Memorial Hospital, U. Mass, 40 Wright St, Palmer,
MA 01069 -  Medical Executive Committee
Weekend/Locums coverage at Mary Lane Hospital, Ware, MA

1/1/2006        Established Manomednet LP as general partner

1/1/2008        Co-founded Give Them Sanctuary
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        1978-1984- enviromental study of shore erosion in Plymouth [Manomet] Massachusetts
                        shoreline retoration and preservation with crown vetch and rosa ragosa
        1985-1986- east coast and Bahama oceanfront study/ coral reef & fish depletion
        1992-2002- Florida Keys reef watch. study of nitrogen runoff from Everglades to Florida
                        Bay with algae bloom
                        Reef and shoreline cleanup
                        Mangrove restoration
        2004-2006-        Wetland restoration and preservation in Amherst Massachusetts
                        Wildlife analysis with habitat creation
        2006-2009-        Larger scale sanctuary work in Monson, Massachusetts with over 125 acres
                        Environmental cleanup
                        Wetland restoration.
                        Posting for hunters
                        Nature trails
                        Historical research

state licensure- MA 42902, FL 53773 , LA 17419 (inactive)
narcotics license- AA8184676
Mass Medical Society- fellow 1985
Amercan Health Lawyers Ass.
Hampden County Medical Society